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Expressions of Endurance



Yves grew up in Brussels, Belgium, where he was surrounded by centuries of architectural styles. The chips in stone walls and door frames, combined with patinas of aging left textures on those buildings that visually whispered real and imagined stories from their history.


His father and grandfathers were jewelry designers and craftsmen. As a boy, he was deeply impressed by their work and the processes. Even the evidence of their work was compelling. The gold dust on their fingers, and surfaces in their workshop, made them look like gods. He wanted to become just like them.



Each piece begins with raw 24k gold. We then add pure silver and a very specific amount of brass, using an ancient technique, to boost the strength for jewelry durability, and to enhance the unique gold color I’ve always loved. This results in stronger, 18-carat jewelry that is better protected and requires little or no maintenance. It also holds precious diamonds and other stones more securely. 


I am a third-generation jeweler from Brussels, Belgium.

I was trained by Chaumet in Paris and attended the Academie des Arts et Mètiers, where I studied art and technologies required for the design and creation of fine jewelry. For my work, I was honored with the Louis Titz award.

After moving to the US, I was honored with the international De Beers Diamond Award and began designing for Tiffany’s and Co. in New York City.

My passion for history,  travel, exploration, and fashion eventually took me to Southern California. I fell in love with the raw, beauty of the high deserts. It was there that my passion for textures was further inspired and matured. The rough and jagged boulders surrounding my house called to me… and that’s where the collection started.

My early love of architecture, initially the historical examples and now the very contemporary ones has become an essential aspect of my creativity and lifestyle. It can be seen in the houses I’ve built in Joshua Tree and Palm Springs California. Including the design and construction of unique furniture and artifacts. You are welcome to stay in two of them via Airbnb.

Today, I am as inspired by what I see around me in the desert as I am by the symbolism, music, and talisman that are so popular in hip-hop culture. Maybe I’ll see you at Coachella!


Homes I've lovingly designed and decorated, now shared via Airbnb.


Heaven's Door

Inspired by the artists, and their transcendental music after experiencing the high California desert.

The Rockstar

Designed for real, and “aspirational” rockstars escaping the crazy city but still in the lifestyle.

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